Doctors' Recommendations

Leading Dermatologist Dr. Kamal Jhamnani has to say on Cosmotress cotton hair fibers:

Hair fibres are used to camouflage areas of hair loss and work best when the person still has decent amount of hair on the scalp for the fibres to cling on. This works well till the next wash and hence does not interfere with the treatment for hair fall in any way.

There are various hair fibre brands worldwide and the variation in the price is also tremendous. In such a situation taking a proper choice about the fibre selection is very important if you want to make the best of it.

To begin with, the most important thing is what the hair fibre is made up of – broadly speaking the commonly used hair fibre brands worldwide use mostly Keratin and some use cotton and still others use wool. Among the materials used for hair fibres – both Keratin and wool are mainly animal derived products and are widely available. Keratin is by far the commonest of the ingredients in the fibre. Pure cotton (Gossypium herbaceum) containing fibres are very few and this is precisely the agent that gives the best possible outcomes.

The commonest question is then- How does it matter if the hair fibre is made of keratin, cotton or wool. The answer is keratin containing fibres are crude and dusty with small particle size and are easily spilled/washed off. Also there is possibility of contamination with some harmful bacteria and other contaminants since the keratin is mainly derived from animal source. The wool fibres are also the same – it’s derived from wool that is sheep hair and hence the same problems apply. Also in case of both – keratin and the wool fibres – the colours used to colour the fibre and chemical based and both these materials are highly resistant to colouring agents and hence stronger ones are used to colour them.

The cotton fibres are on the contrary the most natural of all the fibre brands as they are derived from a variety of the cotton plant that is known to grow in arid regions of Morocco. These cotton fibres are negatively charged when compared with the positive charge of the hair and hence they have superior adhesion properties and cannot be easily removed hence the coverage is much better with this than with the keratin or the wool fibres.

Also the cotton fibres accept colour easily and hence herbal and plant derived colours are used to colour them and hence another advantage in terms of the safety of the product.

So, to summarize, the cotton fibres gives you a more natural look with better density with no animal content, no harsh artificial colours, is hypoallergenic, easy and fast to apply with more resistance to external factors like – rain, wind and sweat due to better bonding with the hair.

Leading Hair Transplant Dermatologist Dr. Sangeeta Shah has to say on Cosmotress Hair Fibers:

In this day and age of increasing hair loss concerns, there is an armamentarium of remedies for prevention and treatment for the same. The options can be categorized into surgical and non surgical. Although hair transplant surgery promises permanent hair restoration, not many patients are convinced undergoing the knife. These category of patients can resort to other forms of ‘temporary’ hair restoration one of them being application of hair fibres. There are varied forms of hair fibres in practice but the ideal would be which is natural, undetectable and non reacting to the scalp skin.

Cosmotress hair fibres is an excellent product which fulfils the above ideals. As it is made up of natural cotton based fibres, it is non-reactive and easily applicable product on the scalp. It takes micro seconds to apply and because of its natural component it easily blends with the surrounding hair thereby filling the scalp and reducing visibility of baldness. It stays on the scalp for a considerable period of time due to its electrostatic nature and has a relative resistant to wind as well.

Patients applying cosmotress are highly satisfied with the results hence I would strongly recommend this product as a part of prescription for treating alopecia in both men and women.

Leading Dermatologist Dr. Preeti Mathrani from Mumbai has to say on Cotton Fibers vs Keratin and Wool Fibers:

Hair fibers are cosmeceuticals , effective in concealing sparse areas of hair in just few seconds .They are amazingly compatible for both men and women of all ages irrespective hair or skin colour, and, are aesthetically acceptable.

Hair fibers are classified as ‘natural’ & ‘human-made’: natural hair fibers are derived from plant, and animal. The most common fibers from plant origin are ‘cotton’ and animal origin is ‘keratin’

Cotton fibers are made from 100% cotton .These hair fibers are all Cellulose “hairs” that adhere to persons existing hair and instantly make the hair look thicker and fuller. Cotton fibers have a unique property i.e. they can endure the strongest wind, rain and sweat.

These tiny fibers are treated with static electricity charge to enable them to securely bind to ones natural hair and stay firm the entire day. Cotton fibers are stored in containers made from ‘highly advanced polymers’ which stimulate /promote static charge. Cotton fibers are a safe, effective, economical and simple option, giving natural looking fullness and thickness to the hair until the next time one shampoos. They cannot be distinguished/detected by the naked eye as close as 2 inches .It is an easy home use product.

Keratin is mainly derived from animal source and there is a possibility of contamination with some harmful bacteria and other contaminants. Keratin containing fibers are rough and dusty with small particle size and are easily spilled/washed off.

On the contrary Cotton Fibers are the most natural of all the fiber brands as they are derived from a variety of cotton plants. Cotton fibers are negatively charged when compared with the positive charge of the hair; therefore they have superior adhesion properties and hence cannot be easily removed. The scalp coverage is much better with Cotton Fibers than with Keratin or Wool Fibers.

Cotton fibers are harmless so can be well used with hair transplants and are significantly compatible with all hair products. They are free of animal ingredients or synthetic dyes; additionally they also contain natural minerals like iron oxide i.e. harvested from natural, whereas other fibers like wool have to be treated with harmful chemicals and colorants. It is hypoallergenic since it has no animal content or synthetic dyes.

Unlike comparable products currently available in the market like ‘Cotton Hair Fibers’ are made from high quality plant based Cellulose. Cellulose is an organic compound found in nature and is the structural component of the primary cell wall of green plants. The plant based "hair-like" fibers used in ‘Cotton Hair Fibers’ have similar surface optical properties to the keratin compound of human hair. As a result, when applied to the hair, it is easily and readily blended.

Is Hair Building Fibers safe?

Yes, Hair Building Fibers do not harm your scalp or damage the hair. With quality test passed by SGS, it ensures safety for all types and ages, even for colored hair.